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Oh good, I thought it was just me...

David Carroll

The research of the Carroll Group can really be seen in continuity with Siegmar Roth's 4C11 group at MPI-FKF in Stuttgart, Germany. Interests and approaches overlap strongly and share in perspective. Though Dr. Roth has since retired, he, and his students remain active collaborators and friends - influencing the directions of the group at WFU. At the moment these interests are:

Interactions between low dimensional materials and light - this is for applications in sensor technology, light emitting devices and solar devices.


Layered 2D systems in Seebeck Ion Transport - applications in biomedical devices, desalination systems, and battery technologies

Development of topologically complex quantum geometries for use in information processing - with applications to quantum computing, quantum sensing, and time crystals.

Meta-structural control over Onsager Entanglement and the development of high performance, thermal/piezo/tribo scavenging technologies - with applications in wearable electronics and mobile power generation.

image left - Siegmar's birthday conference 2016

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Our home laboratory is in the Nanotech Center at Wake. This facility has a cleanroom, electron microscopy suite, synthesis labs, XPS/Auger, scanning probes, along with our own labs.


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