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While these Lecture Materials came about as a response to the COVID emergency, it is my intention to continue the services they provide as an ongoing part of our classes at WFU physics. Read more below...

Am I Learning?

80% of [success] is just showing up

-woody allen


Online and hybrid educational models are hotly debated today. Is the traditional college experience worth the expense, the effort, the trouble? There are many that say no, and a raft of research that would suggest that skills - as based on standardized exam performance - are exactly the same in the traditional and online delivery approaches.  This is true for STEM as well as liberal arts subjects. BUT...

I would like to posit that this is not necessarily the whole story.  It is undeniable that teaching methodologies online have improved dramatically over the past few years and that online courses do now represent an excellent opportunity for those students that can not attend courses in person. It is further undeniable that today's online approaches provide a self-learning space that is beneficial to all students and should be utilized as "good pedagogy" in classrooms that seek to improve a students mind.

However, when looking at outcomes beyond simple exam scores, particularly in STEM areas, interactions with peers, peer learning modes, interactions with mentoring instructors, self-evaluation based on cross pollination of ideas within overlap groups, must play an essential role in education as in life. The singer Jimmy Buffet once said: "Don't try to describe the ocean if you've never seen it"  or less poetically: the experience counts. 


Read This For More on this Hypothesis

So what does this all mean? It means we should be doing both! WFU offers a unique environment for young scientists. You can become part of a vibrant and active professional community of researchers and experience first hand the meaning of everything we are teaching you. And, in my courses, we will also make use of the latest in online resources, to ensure that you have every chance you need to succeed.

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